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We offer sober living housing and addiction
education to communities around the world.

Who We Are

Who We Are

Cornerstone Care Centers is a national 501(c)(3) nonprofit located in Half Moon Bay, California. We are a free service that provides sober living home referrals and financial assistance to individuals recovering from addiction. Though we are based out of Northern California, we provide assistance to individuals across the United States and the world.

“There are millions of individuals in the United States alone struggling with drug and alcohol addiction, and it is our mission to provide them with a strong foundation upon which to build a brand new life, and become productive members of society once more.”
—Greg Muth, Co-Founder and CEO of Cornerstone Care Centers Incorporated

Cornerstone Care Centers was formed in 2014 by childhood friends and California businessmen John Itzel and Greg Muth. Mr. Itzel and Mr. Muth decided to launch a non-profit after recognizing the great need in the US and elsewhere for sober living homes that were both affordable and high quality.
Today, Mr. Itzel and Mr. Muth, along with a small staff and a board of directors, continue to work hard to help the newly sober locate and obtain residences in safe and substance-free communities.

Meet our Board of Directors

Greg Muth
Co-Founder and Board Chair

Greg-MuthGreg Muth has 35 years of experience in the development and implementation of national and international programs specific to the prevention and treatment of alcoholism and drug abuse.

For 10 years, Mr. Muth served as president for A.A. World Service, Inc., during which time he traveled throughout North America and the world, building relationships with the recovery community and providing outreach and information to mental health professionals interested in helping those suffering from alcoholism.

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After retiring from his position in 2009, Mr. Muth played an important role as chair of board for The National Council on Alcoholism and Drug Dependence, Inc. (NCADD), a nonprofit organization dedicated to increasing public awareness of alcoholism and drug dependence. Mr. Muth also currently serves as director for the San Francisco-based affiliate.

Mr. Muth resides with his wife and three dogs in Half Moon Bay, California.

John Itzel

johnitzelJohn Itzel is a well-respected real estate professional with over 30 years of experience in the areas of finance, development, acquisition, disposition, leasing and management. A licensed California Real Estate Broker since 1978, Mr. Itzel has successfully completed numerous apartment, multi-tenant industrial and commercial office transactions Mr. Itzel has also previously served on the Board of Directors of an American Stock Exchange listed real estate investment company.

Mr. Itzel currently resides in Costa Mesa, California.

Jim Keenan

Mr. Keenan has been a leader in both the business and non-profit industries for many years. During a 30-year career in the Aerospace industry, Mr. Keenan has served in Senior Executive positions for both Airlines and Aircraft Engine Manufacturers. In the non-profit sector, Mr. Keenan has served in Board/leadership roles for The United Way of Connecticut, Junior Achievement of Central New England, and The Boys and Girls Club of San Francisco. He has been a Director for Cornerstone Care Centers, Inc. since 2015, and also currently serves on the Board of The San Francisco Giants Community Fund.

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He and his wife, Suzanne, have been married since 1988, and have two adult sons, Joe and Bill

Roger Wheatley

Roger Wheatley, originally from Cincinnati, Ohio, has served on active duty for the United States Army for over 27 years. His career as a Human Resource Specialist has included service in Army and Joint Service organizations around the world including Operation Desert Storm in Saudi Arabia and Operation Enduring Freedom in Afghanistan.

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Mr. Wheatley holds a Master’s degree in Human Resource Management as well as numerous military leadership courses. He has researched and published several articles on the history of substance abuse treatment in the military and presented academic papers on the topic of halfway houses and their connection to the modern Army Substance Abuse Program.

In addition to military service, Mr. Wheatley remains very active in the community providing Veterans and those entering the workforce after substance abuse treatment with assistance in developing practical life skills and workforce readiness.

Mr. Wheatley’s hobbies include spending time with family, community service, substance abuse and military history, and traveling. He is married to Ann Wheatley and they have three boys

Aleda Muth

Aleda Muth brings to the board three decades of clinical and practical expertise in the field of addiction.

Mrs. Muth began her path as a substance abuse professional in 1986 when she went to work for the Salvation Army Addiction Treatment Center in Honolulu, Hawaii.

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She later worked for 12 years as an addiction counselor at Castle Medical Center, the largest addiction treatment center in the state. After completing her MSW in 1997 at the University of Hawaii, Mrs. Muth worked for two years as a drug and alcohol counselor at The Women’s Correction’s Facility, before relocating with her family to Sleepy Hollow, New York. During her 10 years on the East Coast, Mrs. Muth worked in an outpatient behavioral health clinic and as a Cognitive Behavioral Therapist in her own private practice, specializing in addiction.

In 2007 Mrs. Muth used her wealth of experience to land the prestigious position of Regional EAP Manager for United Airlines. Mrs. Muth relocated to San Francisco, where she continues to reside and work today. With jurisdiction over California, Hawaii and Guam, Mrs. Muth meets the needs of approximately 12,000 employees in her geographic area. A majority of the airline employees are commuters, which has given her the opportunity to become familiar with treatment facilities in all of the surrounding states for which she oversees.

Judge Linda Chezem

Judge Linda Chezem held judicial office at the trial and appellate levels in Indiana for 22 years. She was first appointed to the trial court in Lawrence County, Indiana in 1975. She subsequently won two contested elections to remain on the trial court. In 1988, she was appointed to the Court of Appeals of Indiana. She was retained on a statewide vote in 1992.

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After her resignation from the Court of Appeals in 1998, she continued to serve as a senior judge by appointment of the Indiana Supreme Court until January 2004. In 1998, she accepted the position of professor and department head of 4-H Youth in the School of Agriculture at Purdue University in West Lafayette, Indiana, where she remained as department head until February 2000. She continues to serve as a professor at Purdue University in the Department of Youth Development and Agriculture Education. Judge Chezem holds various other teaching positions as an adjunct professor at the Indiana University School of Medicine in the Department of Medicine. During the spring semester 2009, Judge Chezem held the position of Judicial Scholar in Residence at the Arizona Supreme Court Administrative Office of the Courts, Judicial Education Division.

She has provided consultation to many national and international governmental and non-governmental organizations including the Office of the Director of the National Institute on Alcohol Abuse and Alcoholism at the National Institutes of Health.

Judge Chezem has served on numerous boards including the Greenleaf Center of Servant-Leadership, Fairbanks Hospital, and the Indiana Youth Institute.

Joseph A. Klema

Joe Klema

Joseph (Joe) Klema is an entrepreneur in the real estate finance industry.

Since 2001, Mr. Klema has been involved in more than 60 projects representing one-half of a billion dollars in capitalization of commercial real estate in the industrial, retail, multifamily, and office property categories. His company, Klema Capital, is a commercial real estate capital advisory firm that arranges equity and debt financing for commercial real estate developers and investors.

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Prior to his current real estate finance career, Mr. Klema enjoyed a successful career in Corporate America as an information technology sales executive where he worked for IBM, EDS, and Oracle.

In his personal time, Mr. Klema gives back to his community by mentoring youths in overcoming substance abuse. This avocation was borne out of Mr. Klema overcoming his own teenage alcoholism. He achieved sobriety at 16 years of age.  His is a person in long-term recovery, which started on July 18, 1982. He is also on the leadership team of the recovery ministry at his church, a mega-church in Irvine, California, named Mariners Church. He also is in the process of developing a substance abuse intervention practice and is contemplating investing in sober living homes.

Mr. Klema holds a B.S.B.A. in Business Management from John Carroll University, located in University Heights, Ohio. He resides with his fiancé in Aliso Viejo, California.

Edward Harris

Edward Harris, EA, has been preparing income taxes since 1984 and is enrolled to practice before the Internal Revenue Service.

Mr. Harris began the practice of preparing income tax returns and representing clients in his hometown in Southern California. In 1990 he moved to Seattle and started North West Tax Specialists, which serves over 4,000 individual and business clients.

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In 2010 Mr. Harris decided to become more active in the Washington State Society of Enrolled Agents and through that opportunity has been able to meet with members of the US Congress and Senate and interact with a seated US Tax Court Judge.

In 2013 Mr. Harrix became President of the Washington State Society of Enrolled Agents and has since worked with more than 1,100 Enrolled Agents in Washington State and many more at the National level. In 2013 he earned the designation of NTPI Fellow, a designation awarded to those with significant expertise in the representation of taxpayers.

Joe Ward

Joe Ward has worked for nearly 15 years in the field of addiction and mental health services, serving the community of Bellevue, Washington, as an outreach specialist, interventionist, and as an executive director of a recovery center.

For the past seven years, Mr. Ward has worked as a marketing and outreach specialist for EvergreenHealth Home Care Services, a home, hospice and behavioral health care provider.

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Previously, Mr. Ward worked as an executive director for Lakeside-Milam Recovery Centers, a recovery center in Kirkland and Bellevue, Washington. During his six years at Lakeside, Mr. Ward helped launch a medical outpatient clinic for those seeking treatment for a chemical dependency. 

Mr. Ward graduated with honors from Seattle University, earning a BA in Finance and Marketing. He currently resides in Bellevue, Washington.

Ken Hoffman

Ken Hoffman is a physician, board certified in addiction psychiatry and general preventive medicine. Throughout his professional career, Dr. Hoffman has been dedicated to the prevention, early identification, and effective treatment of addictive disorders with the goal of achieving full sustained remission through a multi-dimensional approach that places emphasis on individually-focused treatment, health promotion, supportive social networks and living environment.

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Serving on active duty in the Army for over 23 years, throughout his career, Dr. Hoffman worked closely with the military’s alcohol and drug abuse prevention and treatment programs. While assigned as faculty at the Uniformed Services University, Dr. Hoffman directed the Center for Training and Education in Addiction Medicine, both helping educate and train healthcare providers to effectively identify and treat addictive disorders, and publishing an optimized continuum of interventions needed to achieve long term abstinence for an individual with an addictive disorder.

Following appointment as the Army Surgeon General’s Alcohol and Drug Consultant, Dr. Hoffman was lead investigator on a Congressionally directed feasibility study on the potential for sober living environments for TRICARE beneficiaries. Following his military retirement, Dr. Hoffman worked in the Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration (SAMHSA) Center for Substance Abuse Treatment as a senior medical officer and subject matter expert in the treatment of detecting and treating substance use disorders. He helped monitor implementation of office-based treatment of opioid addiction, related treatment improvement protocols, an advisory on alcohol biomarkers, and facilitated local, state, and federal agency discussion and coordination during the 2006 multi-state opioid overdose outbreak.

He currently volunteers his time working with Oxford House, speaking at its annual conventions and trainings, and was the lead in the scientific review of the Oxford House model, currently the only sober living environment listed in the National Registry for Evidence-based Programs and Practices.

Dr. Hoffman and his wife, Ann, reside in Rockville, Maryland.

Steve Calderbank

Steve Calderbank is a veteran, an active member of his local recovery community and an advocate for those seeking long-term recovery. In addition to serving on the board of Cornerstone Care Centers, Mr. Calderbank works as the Bucks County Community Mobilizer for the Council of Southeast Pennsylvania Inc. He oversees the two Community Centers, the Peer-to-Peer programming and the volunteer development.

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Mr. Calderbank has recently partnered with the Pennsylvania Alliance of Recovery Residences to provide oversight of the Recovery Residences of Southeastern Pennsylvania. He also sits on the 8th Congressional District Veterans Committee and the Delaware Valley Veterans Consortium.

Mr. Calderbank currently resides in Bristol, Pennsylvania.

Our Purpose

Our Purpose

Cornerstone Care Centers Incorporated’s primary purpose is to provide sober living homes and housing assistance grants to recovering alcoholics and addicts. Cornerstone Care Centers also aims to educate those in early stage recovery about longer-term recovery living alternatives. Many addicts struggle with the challenge of staying sober in the days following a release from a treatment center or hospital, and Cornerstone aims to mitigate this by providing immediate housing assistance.
It is Cornerstone’s intent that no one is denied the opportunity to succeed in the quest for sobriety. It is also crucial that families are educated and understand the processes involved in obtaining sobriety.

Who We Can Help:

There are a number of circumstances in which sober housing may a helpful solution. All that is required is an established commitment to remain substance-free and live a sober life.
Cornerstone can assist the following individuals:
  • Recovering addicts and alcoholics
  • Those at risk of institutional placement
  • Persons transitioning from institutional settings
  • The homeless
  • Entrepreneurs looking for guidance on how to start their own sober living environment
  • And more



Newly sober men and women are extremely vulnerable to relapse. While a sober living environment (SLE) cannot diminish the risk of relapse entirely, a supportive and substance-free environment can lower it, oftentimes significantly so. Research has shown that a recovering addict has a far greater chance of remaining substance free if he or she lives with others who have also embraced a sober lifestyle.
We believe—and research has shown—that safe, stable, sober living environments are an essential part of a successful, long-term sobriety.

The free services we offer, include:

Help finding adequate housing

We can help people locate sober living homes that provide interim support and services for those wanting to live a sober lifestyle and who are potentially at risk of institutional placement, those transitioning from institutional settings, those who are homeless, and especially any person struggling with drug or alcohol addiction.

A variety of housing options

Sober living environments can be offered in apartments or homes, or in congregate settings that may be larger than residences typically found in the community.

Long-term, community residences

We can help people locate long-term housing in stable, supportive community living. The variety of community residences we refer people to are safe, affordable, accessible and stable and will help foster sobriety and recovery.

Short-term housing

We can help those who have recently left the prison system, a rehabilitation or mental health facility and are in need of temporary, month-to-month housing.


Financial assistance

For those who are eligible, we offer financial assistance in order to offset the costs of an SLE residency. Some of the ways we can help lower expenses include: grants, sliding scale fees and donor beds.



We offer educational information to those struggling with drug or alcohol addiction and their families.

Get Involved

Get Involved

Get involved! Make a donation and help fund a sobriety house in your local community.

Sober living homes can help those in recovery in ways that are real and measurable. As research has shown, sober living environments (SLEs) work. Several studies have found SLEs to be a key component of a successful and long-term recovery.
If you would like to make a donation to a cause where your efforts will directly impact those suffering from the mental illness of addiction, call 855-287-8763 or click the “donate” button to be redirected to our PayPal page.

100 percent of all the donations received go directly towards funding someone’s stay in a sober living home.

Cornerstone’s generous board members have agreed to personally fund all overhead expenses, including any staff salaries. This is done in order to show donors that we are sincere about our mission to help others and so that donors may rest assured that 100 percent of their gifts will be used to help those who need it most: The men and women in the US and around the world who are in desperate need of a safe and sober place to live.


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Contact Us

Whether you are looking for recovery assistance for yourself or for a family member or friend, Cornerstone Care Centers Inc. can help.

Cornerstone can provide you with addiction education resources as well as assistance securing residence at a sober living environment in your local area. We can also provide full or partial financial assistance to those addicts or alcoholics who qualify.

For details about our financial aid program or to locate a sober living home in your town or city, please contact Cornerstone Care Centers today. Call (855) 287-8763 or email
info@cornerstonecarecenters.org to be put into contact with one of our housing specialists or addiction professionals.

Cornerstone Care Centers Incorporated

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